Tuesday, December 26, 2006

28 Week Appt with Perinatologist

I had my appointment with the perinatologist today and the girls are doing great! Baby A is measuring at 3lbs 2oz and Baby B is measuring at 3lbs exactly. I am already carrying 6 lbs of baby!! The fluid continues to look normal on both babies and they are measuring a little ahead of schedule (a little over 29 weeks). They are both head down, so it's impossible for me to tell who's awake and kicking. Their kicks have been strong and visible from the outside. Baby B posed pretty for her picture today, but poor A is so squished that we could only get her back. The pictures are posted below. We have an appointment tomorrow with the OB and I am supposed to take my one hour glucose test… yuck!!

Baby B

Baby A

Friday, December 22, 2006

27 Week Belly Pic

Here's the 27 week photo we took last weekend. We should have new ultrasound photos posted next week. I have an appt with the perinatologist on Tuesday and the OB on Thursday. It will be our first appointment in quite a while, so it will be nice to see how the girls are doing.

Monday, December 04, 2006

25 Week Belly Picture

Here is the 25 week photo!!! We had our two doctor's appointment last week and everything looks great with the girls. They both weighed 1lb 10oz and they measured at 25 weeks 1 day. The fluids continue to look good too, so the specialist doesn't need to see us again for three weeks. They will continue to see us every three weeks as long as everything is ok. The OB on the other hand wants to start seeing us every two weeks starting in January.