Sunday, January 27, 2008

December and January Photos

Alright, it took all day, but I finally uploaded the pictures of the girls from December and January. Enjoy!!

December 2007- 9 Months

January 2008- 10 Months

Long time no see!

So, things have been busy in the Doyle household lately. Both girls sprouted their first teeth about two weeks ago. (They both have two teeth each on the bottom.) We also have a lot of walking going on these days. Makenna showed interest in walking first, but it's Makayla who's taken off. I have attached a couple of videos below that show the girls playing and walking. I have a ton of pictures to upload, so I will have those in a later post.

Makayla's First Steps @ 10 months

Twins falling asleep during dinner

Having fun!

Makayla walking at 10.5 months