Wednesday, March 12, 2008

12 Month Check Up

The girls had their 12 month well baby visit today and things look good. Makenna is 18.12 lbs and Makayla is 19.2 lbs, and they are both 28 1/4 inches tall. They are around the 20th percentile for the weight and height. They were previously in the 50th percentile, so the doctor suggested we start feeding them more pastas and starches to get their weight up. They had to get four shots today, and they were troopers. Luckily for us, these shots didn't make them sick! They won't have to see the doctor again until they are 15 months old (on June 4th).

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Birthday Girls

So, we had the girls first birthday party on Sunday March 9th at the Merchantville Lodge. They had a great time playing with the other children and they received a lot of fabulous gifts. Here are some pictures from the party.