Thursday, October 30, 2008

32 Weekly Belly

The picture on the top is my current 32 week belly picture and the one below is my 33 week belly with the twins. Just thought it would be fun to see the comparison.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Villans Beware!

I took the girls to their first Halloween party today. Makayla went as Wonder Woman and Makenna went as Superwoman. Below is a video I took at the party. The superheroes took some time out of their crime fighting schedule to have a little fun on the slide.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

29 Week Belly

I am 29 weeks pregnant and things are going really well. I have been feeling pretty good, but my body will let me know if I've done too much. Here are a few belly pictures that Adam took of me today. Makenna was looking at mommy's belly too. She's been pretty interested in it lately, and I tell her all the time that there's a baby in my belly.

18 Month Doctor's Appt

The girls had their 18 month well-baby visit on Sept 26 and they are both doing great according to the doctor. They did not appreciate the doctor touching them, so they pretty much screamed the entire time. Luckily the doctor wrote down all the details of the visit because I think we were all traumatized by the time we walked out of there. The doctor was not concerned that the girls aren't talking, and said that we would address that at their 2 year appointment if they are still "speechless". Here were the details:

Makayla weighs 22.6 lbs (15th percentile) and is 31 1/4" tall( 40th percentile).

Makenna weighs 21.9 lbs (15th percentile) and is 31" tall (25th percentile).

Fun Videos

Here are a couple of fun videos of the girls.

I went in to get the girls out of the bed on morning last week and this is what I saw...

The girls look a like, but they have two different personalities...

I bought the girls potties and showed them how to use it once. Later that afternoon I didn't put their pants back on after I changed their diapers. This is what I found them doing...

September Pictures

Here are the pictures from September.

July and August Pics

Here are pictures of the girls from July and August. Click on the picture below to see the album.