Sunday, October 05, 2008

18 Month Doctor's Appt

The girls had their 18 month well-baby visit on Sept 26 and they are both doing great according to the doctor. They did not appreciate the doctor touching them, so they pretty much screamed the entire time. Luckily the doctor wrote down all the details of the visit because I think we were all traumatized by the time we walked out of there. The doctor was not concerned that the girls aren't talking, and said that we would address that at their 2 year appointment if they are still "speechless". Here were the details:

Makayla weighs 22.6 lbs (15th percentile) and is 31 1/4" tall( 40th percentile).

Makenna weighs 21.9 lbs (15th percentile) and is 31" tall (25th percentile).

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