Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Long Time No See

Sorry we haven't updated in a while. Things have been going great in the Doyle residence lately. Jonah is growing more and more by the minute. We have his 6 month doctor's appointment next week, and I cannot wait to see how much he officially weighs. He is in the same size diapers as the twins and he wears size 9 month clothes. He is rolling from belly to back, and he has stared doing the amy man crawl (if he's trying to get something out of his reach). He is the happiest little baby and his smile will make your day. The twins have been doing great too. They are a lot these days and most of the time they are speaking in phrases. Their latest one of the week is "we're all"... so "we're all going to play outside" or "we're all eating". The last couple of days Makenna has been saying "I do what Kayla doing" or "I do what Jonah doing", and she will process to mimic whatever it is that her siblings are doing. Click on the picture below to view our pictures from May.