Thursday, January 25, 2007

32 weeks 5 days

It has been a while since we've updated the blog, but things have been going pretty good. I am currently 32wks 5days pregnant today and I am feeling pretty good considering. I don't sleep very well anymore and hips hurt pretty much all the time, but it's not unbearable. I saw both sets of doctors this week, so I have a few updates.

The OBGYN appointment was Tuesday and this is what she said: My cervix is still long and closed, both babies are still head down, I will be induced at 38 weeks if I haven't had the girls by then, my uterus is measuring the equivalent to that of a woman who's 40 weeks pregnant, my girls will be delivered by Dr. Uma, and I am up to 200 lbs (38 lbs so far)!!!!

The Perinatologist appointment was today and this is what they said: The fluid still looks great on both babies, they are both measuring right on target, they want to see me every week now for a Fetal Non-Stress Test, one of the babies has a full head of hair (we couldn't really tell on the other one), and baby A weighs 4lbs 4oz and baby B weighs 4lbs 8oz!! I'm carrying around 9lbs of baby, and I still have 5 weeks to go!!!

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