Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mark Your Calendar

I am 36weeks 5days pregnant today. We had two appointments this week and have some information for everyone. We saw the OB on Tuesday and it looks like I am 1cm dilated, and we scheduled our induction. We will go to Labor and Delivery the evening of March 5th if I am still 1cm dilated. If I’m 2cm or more dilated by then we won't need to go in until the morning of March 6th. They will start the pitocin Tuesday morning, and Dr. Uma said we should have the girls by the end of the day Tuesday!!!

I went to see the perinatologist today and we got measurements on the girls. They both weigh 5lbs 10oz. They are measuring a little smaller than they should be at this point (about a week behind), but the doctor didn't seem to be concerned. They said it was a common occurrence in twins, and there was no reason to be alarmed. Both girls are still head down and Baby A (the baby on my left) has taken the lead. They were both neck and neck for the longest time, but Baby A finally dropped down.

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Anonymous said...

You are just as beautiful as ever!
How do I e-mail you Ben and Shalon's pictures - sepecially of their new baby?
You are all in my prayers.