Thursday, September 07, 2006


Hello All,

This is going to be our blog to keep everyone up to date that would like to know about our pregnancy. We are currently at the 12 week mark and the babies are doing great! We had an appt. today at the Cooper Hospital with the High Risk pregnancy group. The babies measure at about 3 inches each and their heart beats are right at about 165bpm for each (apparently babies hearts beat as fast as humingbirds). We are scheduled to see Cherise's regular OBGYN every 2 weeks just to check and make sure everything is ok and we aren't seeing any evidence of one twin being smaller than the other and to make sure they have heart beats. So at minimum we will try and update the BLOG once every 2 weeks. We have new ultra sound photos as well from our appt today that I will post. Next appt I am going to try and record the Ultra Sound video on my digital camera and post it on here through youtube or something. Those babies are flopping around silly in there. Cherise says it looks like they have the hiccups. Anyways, Please check in regularly. Our next appt is going to be Friday 9/15/06.

Stay Tuned!!!!



Kirsten said...

Glad to hear things are going well. They are both so tiny!! Enjoyed dinner the other week and hope we can get together again soon. Love Kirsten

Marie said...

Hi Cherise & Adam!

Diane told me the good news and I just wanted to say congratulations! That is so cool to see 2 babies on an ultrasound :) I am due in February, and we can't wait! I wish you the best,

Marie (Schrier)